Using Oil to Fight Oil

November 05, 2020 2 min read

Using Oil to Fight Oil

We know, it sounds totally counter-productive to help treat oily skin by applying even more oil. However, applying certain oils to your skin, in the right amounts, can truly be the salvation you’ve been looking for when it comes to having chronically oily skin. These oils, which help in the fight against acne and inflammation, are made up of natural, soothing combinations of vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. These compounds hydrate the skin without making them more oily.


Today, the majority believe that in order to rid themselves of their oily, stuffed up skin, they have to go out and buy abrasive products, usually chemically based, or face washes which seek to completely remove the oil from the surface of the skin. In reality, what this does is send signals that your skin is in need of oil, forcing the skin to produce excess oil creating a never ending cycle of oil over-production. 


All this being said, it’s very important that you know which oils to choose and which ones to avoid. Going into your kitchen and taking a spoon full of cooking oil and rubbing it on your face will do you no good when looking to have less oily skin. Additionally, it’s imperative that you know your skin very well so you can choose the right botanical oil for you! 


Here at Nature Only, we pride ourselves on including the purest, highest quality, organic oils in our skincare products, Our Natural Revitalizer and our Vitamin & Peptide Serum. They are easily absorbed into the skin, creating a calm, cool, and nourished feeling, yet free from excess oil and grease. To give you a clearer idea, an oil found in our Natural Revitalizer, Jojoba Oil, is great for both calming the skin and keeping it protected, reduces redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and keep skin cool and comfortable. Amazingly, all while regulating the sebum production, which is responsible for the natural oil production in the skin. Who would’ve thought you could use oil to fight oil!

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