About Us

Biologist and Neurophysiologist, Givi Lauren, was living in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the early 1970’s when he had a burning desire to innovate and create new combinations to find solutions to incurable problems. He embarked on a journey to combine folk medicine with his scientific knowledge. This all led to the conception of the original creams. By word of mouth alone, the creams astonishing effects had spread throughout the city, bringing lines of people from all walks of life to Givi’s front door every morning, looking to buy some for themselves. After immigrating to America and keeping the cream for close family and friends for many years, it eventually became obvious that this cream needed to be within every single household around the world. This decision evolved into the products we know and love today!


Nature Only's mission is to produce the highest quality products which promote the natural healing process and enhance natural beauty based on a deep, scientific understanding of the human body, its physiology, biochemistry, and its needs.


Why Natural?
The long-term benefits of committing to a natural skincare routine cannot be overlooked. At Nature Only we raise the bar, making sure to deliver products with the safest, healthiest, and most effective ingredients. It should be known that chemicals in other skincare products are toxic may seep into your bloodstream. We do our best to seek out the purest organic ingredients, which are free from contamination. Our healthy, natural products will only enliven and invigorate your skin and body.