Natural Healing Remedies - Then and Now

October 01, 2020 2 min read

Natural Healing Remedies - Then and Now

What’s with all the hype around natural products? Statistics show a tremendous increase in the customer’s choice of natural products over products using chemicals and preservatives. The “natural” trend is currently the most significant trend in the personal care industry. More and more of todays shoppers are becoming adamant that products must be more transparent about what ingredients are in them are where they come from to even consider purchasing or consuming them. The shift of launching products with great transparency and shorter ingredient lists is expected to continue and only keep rising. Where and when, however, did the craze around natural and holistic health begin?  


Let's travel back in time, shall we? Holistic health practices have ancient roots. The general approach to healthcare in ancient times was to focus on the whole person, not just specific parts or symptoms. The philosophy, as Socrates said, was that “the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” They strived for a synergistic connection of mind, body, soul, and the external environment. 


When it comes to plants, there were, throughout history, examples of cultures using plants as medicine. Many of our ancestors come from cultures with deep spiritual roots. They believed that physical things, including plants, held within them a spirit. This is still true for many indigenous cultures today who hold nature in a very high regard, even proclaiming it sacred. In ancient history, if you were well educated in plant knowledge, it could mean survival. Most of the world still uses traditional medicine, and only recently have we lost this deep connection to the natural world. It doesn’t surprise us, then, that in these modern times, with unprecedented advancements in medical technology, that more and more people are choosing to reestablish ancient plant based healing practices. That’s not to even mention the skyrocketing medical costs. 


Although it seems that many of these practices have vanished, the art of using natural healing remedies has not completely disappeared. Thankfully we at Nature Only have a mission to produce the highest quality products which promote the natural healing process and enhance natural beauty based on a deep, scientific understanding of the human body, its physiology, biochemistry, and its needs.The long-term benefits of committing to a natural skincare routine cannot be overlooked. At Nature Only we raise the bar, making sure to deliver products with the safest, healthiest, and most effective ingredients. While chemicals in other skincare products are toxic and may seep into your bloodstream, we do our best to seek out the purest organic ingredients, which are free from contamination. Our healthy, natural products will only enliven and invigorate your skin and body!

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