Mental Health Awareness - The Link Between Skin and The Mind

October 14, 2020 3 min read

Mental Health Awareness - The Link Between Skin and The Mind

Our mental health should be protected at all costs. The effects of mental health traumas today go far beyond just the psyche. Many other areas of life, and even the physical body, including the skin, can be affected by problems in mental health, leading even to a vise versa cycle of skin problems creating even more psychological problems which lead to more skin problems and so on. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions can aggravate and inflame common dermatological issues such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, pain, hives, etc. This isn’t to scare you. You should know that you have some control over your conditions and believe in your ability to overcome these challenges! 


The skin is the most visible part of our body that is effected by psychological problems, yet the link has not been studied extensively until recently. Now, more than ever, dermatologists and psychologists are working together to help one another achieve their goals for their patients and the field of psychodermatology, the study of the link between skin and the mind, is ever expanding. The correlation they found was that treating psychological problems can truly lead to improvements in skin conditions. There are proven, healthy, and inexpensive mental health techniques that have helped many enhance their skin, such as meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery, muscle relaxation and even engaging in support groups. These common approaches to mental healing have a tremendously positive effect on the skin’s health.


Now, at times we must ask ourselves some hard questions. It could be that skin problems could very well be caused by the expression of a mental health disorder that has been suppressed. For example, a persons obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD) could be the catalyst to recurring skin problems, as it might lead to constantly picking scabs or popping pimples. In multiple blogs, here at Nature Only, we write about the importance of not picking at the skin. This can certainly be a compulsive action that could be hard to curb. It is imperative that you know yourself and are honest about what is causing recurring issues.


Although we have some tools to treat skin problems caused by mental health issues, the best thing we could do is to take a preventative approach, putting a stop to the problem even developing in the first place! A strong fear in young people today is being negatively judged for the way they look. This creates anxieties that could lead to even more social phobias, which could lead to even greater mental health challenges, creating more skin disorders. At Nature Only we advocate addressing the problem at the core. Youngsters today should be given all the tools, knowledge and training necessary to feel great about themselves, confident, happy and to think positively about their lives. Today our health care providers and dermatologists are left disheartened as they see their patients emotional anguish and how it affects their skin, yet they do not have the position, time, or implementational ability to help their patients at the core. It is therefore the responsibility of parents, educators, mentors and anyone who can to give the utmost importance to taking care of their own mental health and emotions, that of others, and empowering the next generation to be strong, happy, healthy, and bright, both in mind and in skin!

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