Autumn Skincare Tips

September 25, 2020 2 min read

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Autumn is a time of change. Changes in the colors of the leaves, the clothing we wear, and the weather! When things change, we have to adapt and realign ourselves appropriately, and when the temperature changes it calls for changes in skincare. When the weather cools off your skin will make sure you know, as it might tighten, dry out, or begin to break out. To avoid the weather messing with your vibe, here are some tips to get through this season smoothly:


  1. Don’t Let a Breakout Stress You Out: When humidity levels fluctuate and the weather begins to get cool off our skin begins to irritate and become dry. We recommend trying a face mask with vitamins and ingredients like aloe, which can help re-hydrate your skin!
  2. SPF Always: Although some things might change in your skincare routine, wearing SPF should not be one of them! People, all too often, associate wearing sunscreen only in the summer. However, SPF should be used all year around as your skin could get damaged by UV rays at any time. If your daily moisturizer doesn’t already have SPF, use a light mineral based sunscreen as it is easy to use and stays on the skin well beneath makeup!
  3. Hot and Cold Shower Therapy: Once the temperature begins to drop, we all experience various external temperature changes within short periods of time, such as a taking hot shower or being close to a heater, and then going outside in the cold. This can cause your skin to dry out very easily. Prepare your skin for battle by alternating hot and cold water within the same shower session! Using this time-tested technique will help remove the toxins from your skin, prepare your skin for quick temperature drops, along with many other health benefits.
  4. Watch Your Diet: When you’re out in the cold for hours and you finally get home with the heater and your blankets, the first thing you want to do might be to order in or reach for the comfort foods. For your skin’s sake, along with your general health, we would warn against this because a higher intake of fats and oily foods can also translate into more breakouts as the skin’s pores get clogged more easily.
  5. Use a Hydrating Serum: Serums are applied before moisturizers in order to allow ingredients to really be absorbed into the skin and provide the most effective results. During the colder seasons, a hydrating serum is perfect to protect again dry and cold air and will keep your face from flaking! Give your skin the extra boost with Nature Only’s Vitamin and Peptide Serum, which will leave your skin plump, hydrated, and supple!

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