Balance Your Immune System!

October 22, 2020 3 min read

Balance Your Immune System!

When we humans age, our immune system naturally begins to dwindle. The immune system’s job is to pick out infections or injuries in the body, causing an immune response with the intention of reinstating to normality. The notion of boosting your immune system sounds great, but is really possible? If so, is it even right to do? 

There is much confusion and misinformation about how the immune system functions. It turns out that it is in fact best that your immune system not be extremely strong. Rather, you want it to be well balanced. If your immune response is too strong, it could be just as detrimental as if it were too weak. That being said, those with weak immune systems, in need of a boosting, are not to worry! Fortunately, there are things we can do to revitalize and uplift our immune system, helping our bodies combat diseases and infections, speed up the healing processes, clear up the skin, and more! Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Get Your Beauty Sleep: On top of tons of other benefits to getting a good night’s rest, it’s super important for having a strong and well balanced immune system! Although it might not seem like your body is actively doing anything when you’re asleep, there are many significant functions taking place while you don’t even realize it. There are literally molecules being formed during sleep that kill infections! It’s no surprise, therefore, that people who don’t get enough sleep are usually more prone to being affected by exposure to viruses and getting sick. We recommend getting about six to eight hours of sleep, however since everyone’s system is unique, figure out the amount you specifically need and make adjustments in your schedule to accommodate!
  2. Keep Your Stress Levels Low: A certain degree of stress at times is normal. We are all human and we all have things that come up from time to time that might stress us out. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, or it can build over some time. Either way, it’s imperative that we understand how stress effects us, our wellbeing, and our immune system. The stress response your body initiates, during times of stress, has a direct correlation to the body’s suppressing of the immune system, which raises the chances of getting sick. We all have specific stress triggers in our lives, and there are various ways they can be alleviated. Try meditation, prayer, yoga, breath-work, exercise or other things that work for you to reduce and minimize stress!
  3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Maintaining a healthy weight is imperative to having a strong and well balanced immune system. By staying active and having a regular exercise regimen, whether it be lifting weights, doing yoga, playing sports, or anything physically active, there is a tremendous benefit to your physical health, your mental health, and even your emotional and spiritual health. These will directly lead to an enhanced immune system. Older folk should make sure to participate in at least 200 min of aerobic activity. 
  4. Don’t Neglect Your Hygiene: Make sure to look after and maintain your personal hygiene, in other words how you care for your body. For example, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, cleaning your sheets, wearing fresh clothes, and taking showers. There are many medical conditions that result from keeping poor personal hygiene. Keeping up with your hygiene will help eliminate the spread of illnesses, diseases and of course viruses such as COVID-19.
  5. Eat Correctly: There are certain immune-boosting foods that offer innumerable benefits to all areas of life. There is so much data and proof of that eating healthy will help boost your immune system so it should be a priority for those looking to strengthen their immunity. There are so many healthy foods to choose from that are packed with antioxidants which will help fight off viruses and diseases. Some of these foods include, but are most certainly not limited to, ginger, almonds, fatty fish, green tea, citrus fruit, broccoli, spinach, and yogurt.

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