Important Supplies In Your First Aid Kit

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Whether you’re a parent, living lone, or a college student, it is essential to keep a first aid kit with you at home. Whenever an emergency has to be dealt with, you want to be prepared with an easy to access kit, with all of the important stuff stocked up! Every first aid kit should have within it the supplies needed to treat most minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes and burns. Everyone may have different individual needs that they would like to include in their first aid kit, depending on their specific needs and requirements, however below is a general list of first aid kit necessities.


  1. Thermometer: A fever is never fun, and when one comes up it is best to know as soon as possible! A thermometer is a small, inexpensive device used to diagnose the body’s temperature. 


  1. Cold Packs: In the case of fractures, sprains, swelling, or other forms of inflammation, an instant, ready to use cold pack will be of great assistance to ensure a quicker recovery.


  1. Bandaids: There are many different shapes and sizes of bandaids that you should include in your first aid kit. There are also various bandages that would assist you in different situations, such as elastic bandages or triangular bandages. 


  1. Gauze Pads and Rolls: We definitely suggest that you invest in some sterile gauze pads or gauze roll in order to wrap and protect a wounded area from infection and soak up any leakage of blood.


  1. Gloves: When helping others it’s important that we still think about our own safety and health. You’ll want to minimize any possible exposure to blood or bodily fluid of others on your skin using a pair of gloves!


  1. Alcohol Swabs/Antiseptic Wipes: These will help keep your wounds clean and free from infection, killing harmful bacteria surrounding the wounded area.


  1. CPR Shield: CPR is, at times, a necessity during emergencies. A CPR shield will help protect both the person who needs help and the person doing the CPR from any exchange of bodily fluids.


  1. Aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil: When someone is experiencing a fever, headache, swelling, or pain, these over-the-counter medicines are quite handy in alleviating and easing symptoms.


  1. Small Flashlight: You never know when a light may be needed and it’s always best to be prepared for anything! Plus, if you need a better look into somebody’s ear or throat, a small flashlight will come in handy!


  1. Tweezers and Scissors: These are convenient tools to have with you! Tweezers will help you out if you need to remove something small from the skin, such as a splinter. Scissors will definitely make providing aid for someone easier by quickly cutting gauze or anything else that might require to be cut.


  1. Nature Only’s Natural Multi-Function Ointment: We can’t stress enough how important Natural Multi-Function Ointment is to keep in your First Aid Kit as it will accelerate and support safe and healthy wound healing, supporting all four phases of the healing process. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, it aids in the healing of cuts, scrapes, wounds, and burns while also maintaining anti-septic properties, preventing growth of disease and infection.

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Charlotte Fleet

I like how you said that it is important to keep various types of bandages in your first aid kit. My mom and dad are putting together some first aid kits to keep in our storage room in case of an emergency. I will help them find reliable bandages to put in them so we will be fully prepared.

Dean Phillips

It’s interesting to note how you mentioned how Natural Multi-Function Ointment needs to be in one’s First Aid Kit as it will accelerate and support safe and healthy wound healing, supporting all four phases of the healing process. You raise a great point here, where I’m sure anyone interested in what needs to be a first aid kit will be happy to hear this. My interest in this came around after I had a conversation with my sister on organic band aids. We wanted to know more about first aid in our homes and thus, we stumbled on your article. Thanks a lot!