A Closer Look At Stem Cells in Skin Care

April 28, 2020 2 min read

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Plant stem cells, an ingredient group in our Natural Revitalizer, are increasingly being appreciated for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The cosmetic and beauty benefits of using stem cells are evident. They assist in protecting the skin from sun damage and they rejuvenate the skin by refreshing the face with a skin lifting effect. Stem cells secrete growth factors that rejuvenate the skin and have an ability to proliferate and self-renew their cells. The skin also begins to take on a more youthful appearance due to their collagen-promoting effects. In addition, they have a rejuvenating effect which restores the skins firmness and elasticity. These effects help to plump the appearance of the skin and promote the look of even skin tones.

Ingrained in plants is the ability to regenerate their tissues under unfavorable circumstances. Notable effort has been placed on comprehending the process of this ability. For both animals and humans, tissue regeneration is initiated by injured skin that needs repair, triggering organ repair into action. For plants, however, regeneration is not simply a process of repairing damaged tissue, but a growth of a completely new plant. This can be seen by cutting off a branch from a tree and having a new branch grow from the same spot. In the growing field of biotechnology, researchers uncover how we can use this plant property for improving the regeneration process in both humans and animals.

Click on below link to read an article by Real Simple (Colino, S. (3/11/2013) What Is Stem-Cell Face Cream?. The latest high-tech skin-care ingredients, stem cells could be miracle workers-or mad science). We hope you will find this delightful resource informing and educational. 

What Is Stem-Cell Face Cream?


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