"Diaper Rash - Things You Need to Know!"

"Diaper Rash - Things You Need to Know!"

There are many questions that arise when the topic of Diaper Rash is discussed. What causes it? How can I tell if my baby has it? What do I do when I know my baby has it? Etc. In this blog, we strive to discuss Diaper Rash and its treatment.

There can be a variety of things that lead to Diaper rash, however, for the most part, its origin is correlated with wet diapers, diapers that haven’t been changed often enough, diarrhea, consumption of new foods, or antibiotics. It is a byproduct of skin irritation due to prolonged contact with urine, stool, and detergent. Other causes can also be yeast infections, bacterial infections, or even an allergy to the diaper material.

The primary sign to look out for is a red rash on the buttocks. The rash will have a slightly raised and obvious border/edge, though there may be small red bumps outside the border. The skin will probably be raw and tender, and in some cases even flaky. In serious cases, a fever or a widespread rash could also be symptoms. The most effective treatment for diaper rash is to keep your baby’s skin as clean and as dry as you can, while applying ointment. Most rashes begin to clear up after just a few days of at-home care and with more frequent diaper changes. 

If improvement is not noticed, or if a fever develops, we suggest seeing a doctor. Other cases where a doctor visit is warranted is if the rash spreads to other parts of the body and you notice breakouts of pimples bumps or sores on the skin. When the rash is truly severe, your baby will be visibly distressed and may cry. If Diaper Rash is a common and recurring challenge, a final tip we can give you is to consciously avoid certain foods. These include citrus and acidic fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, prunes, plums, and dairy products. 

All of the ingredients in our Wholesome Diaper Cream are natural. It is applicable for senior citizens/adults, toddlers, and babies alike and will provide relatively fast relief to all who use it. It contains natural, healthy ingredients chosen to remedy inflammation on even the most sensitive baby skin. Our cream provides a protective layer between the skin and the environment, while helping to alleviate redness and create comfort. It provides relatively fast relief while preventing further complications. 

Click on below link to read an article by healthychildren.org (MD Polcari, I. (1/15/2020) Common Diaper Rashes & Treatments. AAP Section on Dermatology). We hope you will find this delightful resource informing and educational. 

Common Diaper Rashes & Treatments by Ingrid Polcari, MD. 




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