Winter Skincare Tips

December 27, 2020 3 min read

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter has arrived, and although the snowfall can be lovely at times, there could also be a host of challenges that can be seriously detrimental to the skin. Let’s be real, the cold, sometimes blizzardy, and even harsh winter weather, along with the low humidity of the winter air could often times be rough on the skin. Although most of us have experienced our skin drying out during the winter time, we don’t have to make the same mistakes this year! Let’s choose to take the necessary steps to protect our skin from another year of cracking and peeling and keep the skin looking and feeling healthy and happy with some winter skincare tips:


  • Moisturize Like There’s No Tomorrow: We recommend you switch up your skin care routine once the winter comes in, as colder whether tends to remove the skin’s natural moisture, and changes in the environment call for changes in the skin’s needs.Moisturize every time you get out of the shower, take a bath, or even simply wash your face in the morning, while the skin is damp for the best results. Make it habitual as it will form a protective barrier between the skin and the cold, while locking in moisture. Cozy up with out Natural Revitalizer and our Peptide & Vitamin Serum which work to restore the skin’s surface against moisture loss and dehydration.


  • Stay Hydrated: For your skin, as well as your general health and wellbeing, keeping yourself hydrated is always a good idea. This tip is especially relevant during the winter time to ensure healthy skin. The winter air is more dry than other that of seasons and water therefore evaporates from the body more rapidly. If you already drink a good amount of water, we would still suggest turning up the quantity. Additionally, consider placing a humidifier in rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as your bedroom, while the heater is on. This will help combat the low levels of humidity that heaters create and will moisturize the air in the room, helping your skin stay lively and circulation moving well.


  • Do Not Take Long, Hot Showers: We know a nice hot shower can be extremely tempting after walking home in the cold after a long day at work. However, if you knew the damage done to your skin, you’d consider changing it up. Hot showers can cause inflammation, redness and itching on the skin, slowly peeling off the skin’s natural oils and drying the skin out while removing essential proteins. If it’s challenging for you to cool off your shower temperature, start by making it just a bit colder while also lessening the time you are spending in the shower. Get it down to 8-12 min. We stress this tip because making this change will create a huge shift in your overall skincare and will help prevent more severe troubles.


  • Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays: Yes, you read that correctly. Even in the winter, we should shield ourselves from harmful sun damage. Although it seems as if the sun has lost its power, the truth is that the winter is not exempt from the sun’s ability to cause damage to the skin. The long-wave ultraviolet rays still hold the power to infiltrate the skin’s deepest layers during winter time. Try applying a loose sunscreen with SPF 30 and up over your makeup before heading out.

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