Welcome 2021!

January 07, 2021 3 min read

Welcome 2021!

2020 has been a crazy year for many of us. There were unexpected things coming at us from all angles and it’s safe to say we were forced to shift our focus on what truly matters most. This year, let’s bring our health and skincare back up on our priority list. Let’s start by looking forward to the beauty and body care advancements and trends we can begin enjoying as these industries evolve in 2021. With developments in health signaling, advancements in skincare science, self care technology, skincare education, and more, there are many great things to look forward to this year!


  • Health Signaling: 

In 2020 we, as global community, have recognized the importance of good health more than ever before. We are hopeful that we will be moving forward stronger and more united, leaving the pandemic behind. However, now more than ever we want to signal to those around us and our environment that we are healthy and well, even vibrantly so. To help people radiate a healthy and illuminated complexion, we confidently predict that the demand in effective skin care will rise in the very near future. Of course, given the circumstances, taking deep care of our long-term health should also be of utmost importance in this transition to ensure we are not merely signaling health externally, but we glow from inside with true health.


  • Skincare Science: 

There are scientific developments which are constantly being explored within the skincare industry. For instance, scientists are now seeking new and innovative ways to use nature to help boost the power of certain combinations of specific ingredients. For example, the study of “blue-science” is prioritized as of late and we predict it will have a great impact on the skincare industry as a whole. Blue-science is essentially a focus on ingredients that we can take from large water sources such as oceans and seas. One of these ingredients is algae, a powerful ingredient for protecting the skin from UV damage and other aggravators. 


  • Treatment For Mask-Related Breakouts:

As we can see, masks are still being warn as we step into 2021. The volume of breakouts and skin complications have greatly increased since mask-wearing became a norm in 2020. Given the stats, cosmetics companies will likely invest in products which rejuvenate the areas on the face most effected by masks. It would be a good idea to pack products with specific oils and lipids and other top quality, healthy ingredients which strengthen the skin’s barrier. We also hope for and can expect the mas-spread of quality education regarding the prevention and treatment of skin problems related to mask-wearing. There is much that the general public still doesn’t know about proper skin care and hygiene, and at Nature Only we seek to be instrumental in adding fuel to this healing fire, as we feel that this will create positive and lasting change!


  • Technological Advancement: 

In the year 2020, most of us sat by a screen for at least 6 hours a day. It’s how we saw our friends, did our work, went to class, had business meetings and more. Although this has been challenging in a variety of ways, it has also awakened a growing trend in “blue-light” shielding skincare. Blue-light radiates from technology screens and has similar effects of photo-aging on the skin as UV rays from the sun do. The blue-light can penetrate deeply into the skin, leading to DNA damage and eventually hyperpigmentation. Studies are showing that sales of blue-light protective skin skyrocketed and the projection is that they will only continue to rise. An example of a blue-light fighting ingredient is niacinamide, a key ingredient in our Peptide & Vitamin Serum. The research on the effects of blue-light on the skin are still relatively new and test are continuously conducted. That being said, though, as we continue to be looking at our screens increasingly, even into 2021, we predict that the demand for blue-light protective products will keep growing.

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