Stop Diaper Rash in its Tracks

February 10, 2021 2 min read

Stop Diaper Rash in its Tracks

Diaper Rash, a relatively common form of dermatitis, can be quite an uncomfortable experience for the baby going through it. Most parents would do everything in their power to sidestep this recurring inflammation if they only knew how. Thankfully, there are some steps parents can take to prevent diaper rash before having to deal with treating a rash that has already spread. These steps include being observant, looking for signs, and taking other preventative measures. It might take a bit more work, but it will ultimately save both you and your baby pain and will actually be less work in the long run.


  1. Be More Observant: We’re sure most of your attention is already on your baby, however try looking a bit deeper into the subtle changes in your baby’s mood and overall disposition. Is your baby more uncomfortable than usual? Is your baby more squirmy during diaper changes? If so, this should ring some bells! When a diaper rash is beginning to develop, babies can be extra fussy and even begin crying  when water is washed over the area or even at the most gentle touch. Once you notice this you can immediately begin taking preventative measures.
  2. Look For Skin Signs: You might’ve missed the subtle cues that there was a rash developing. It could be that the beginning stages of the rash have already been initiated. No need to panic! You can still stop the rash in it’s tracks. Firstly, continue applying the same formula from step number one, being observant of your baby’s overall disposition. Additionally, look for any visible signs on the skin itself. Diaper rash is most commonly discernable by red, tender, and irritated skin on and around the area where the diaper is worn. Look out for anything ranging from rashes and blisters to peeling skin and pimples, or even general redness around the buttocks, thighs or genitals.
  3. Use Diaper Rash Cream Regularly: Thankfully, all of the ingredients in Nature Only’s Wholesome Diaper Cream are natural and can be applied regularly without worry of overuse and without harm done to the baby’s skin. Not only does it provide relatively fast relief to all who use it, it also prevents further complications! Try applying a bit before the rash even develops and rub it in like a moisturizer. It will help keep the skin soothed, comfortable, and free of irritation. Additionally, our cream creates a protective layer between the skin and the environment, making sure the area will always be safe. 

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