7 Tips To Prevent Diaper Rash

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We know that diaper rash is never fun. However, diaper rash is relatively easy to treat. Seeing some red bumps on your baby’s bottom is a part of the parenting process. When urine and stool are pressed on the skin for a period of time, they break through the skins protective barrier and results in a rash. Thankfully, diaper rash is usually simple to treat. For your baby’s best care, however, it is advisable to have a preventive attitude towards this discomforting condition. Below are seven tips to prevent diaper rash from forming:

  1. Clean and replace your baby’s diaper often. When there is pee or poop in the diaper for too long, the skin stays moist for a long time and becomes more and more vulnerable to enzymes that generate a rash. We recommend changing your baby’s diaper every two to three hours.
  2. Don’t make the diaper too tight. Loosen up the diaper and let it breathe. It should be just tight enough to block any leaks. If it’s too tight, however, it is discomforting and it often rubs and creates friction with the skin.
  3. Stay away from particularly scented products, including scented baby wipes, certain soaps, dryer sheets and fabric softeners. The more you use hypoallergenic and scentless products, the less irritation your baby will experience. Consider using water or cotton balls to clean your baby’s bottom. Use gentle and organic soap without harsh chemicals when required.
  4. Make sure your baby has time to air it all out. At times, even in between diaper changes, let your baby enjoy some fresh air without the diaper. 
  5. Look into different diaper brands. There are various diaper types that effect baby’s differently. Some diapers can contain so much moisture that they actually stimulate rashes. If you are using non-disposable cloth diapers, we recommend that you wash them in detergents without dies and irritants.
  6. Wash your hands well! We all know this helps with coronavirus, however after changing your baby’s diaper, washing your hands can also prevent the spreading of bacteria or yeast to other parts of your baby’s body. 
  7. Use our Wholesome Diaper Cream! Thats right, using our cream will not only help a developed rash, it will also help prevent the diaper rash from forming in the first place! Spreading a protective layer of our cream after cleaning it, in between changing diapers, will assist to shield from urine reaching the area and causing irritation. Again, make sure your baby’s skin is dry before applying our cream.


Additional Diaper Rash Prevention Tips

In addition to applying Wholesome Diaper Cream at every diaper change, the following tips will help protect your baby from developing diaper rash:

Change your baby's diaper promptly after soiling to minimize skin exposure to urine and feces

Wash your baby’s bottom thoroughly with warm water after changing

Carefully blot your baby dry with a dry washcloth. Avoid rubbing, as this may irritate their delicate skin.

Whenever possible, leave your baby without a diaper so the area can dry thoroughly

Avoid tight clothes and tight diapers as they stop air from circulating


Source: myadbaby.com 


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