The Cascade of Healing

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The dynamic and intricate mechanisms of the human body can seem like a mysterious and even miraculous system. Of the many different activities that occur in the body, the process of wound healing exemplifies how aspects of our body work together for a certain purpose; in this case, for the purpose of restoring weak, dying, or dead tissue. The process of wound healing that occurs as soon as the skin is injured is alluded to as the cascade of healing. This process can be divided into four phases: Hemostasis, Inflammatory, Proliferate, and Maturation.


First Phase: Hemostasis


This first stage of healing kicks into gear as soon as the injury occurs. The primary goal here is to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. The body initiates its urgent blood clotting procedure and forms a protective barrier to block the drainage, with the combination of platelets and collagen. This “fibrin mesh” stabilizes the platelets together into an enforced seal. 


Second Phase: Inflammatory 


This Phase is also referred to as the Defensive Phase, as its objective is to destroy any harmful bacteria and remove any foreign waste matter. This phase lays the ground work for development of new tissue. Within this phase a white blood cell, neutrophils, are sent to the wound site to cleanse the area. After about one or two days, the white blood cells begin to disperse and macrophages come to continue to cleanse the wounded area. These specialized cells produce certain proteins and growth factors that entice immune system cells to the wound to clear the way for tissue repair. The entirety of this phase usually lasts about five days, and is seen by heat, pain, and reddish skin.


Third Phase: Proliferative Phase


The purpose of this phase is to fill and cover the wound. Three stages occur within this phase. First, connective tissue fills the wound and new blood vessels are developed in the area. Next, the “borders” of the wound contract and pull together towards the center. Lastly, epithelial cells  are brought forth until they cover the entire wound. 


Fourth Phase: Maturation


Within this final Phase of the healing process the newly formed tissue gains strength, flexibility and harmony with the surrounding skin. The length of this phase can vary largely depending on the type of wound, the individual medical condition, or underlying medical problems.


Safe wound healing can be accelerated and supported by natural remedies, and especially by the proper combinations of these remedies. Nature Only’s Natural Multi-Function Ointment supports all four phases of the healing process. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, it aids in the healing of cuts, lacerations, minor wounds, and first and second degree burns.


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