Skincare Tips for Men

December 11, 2020 3 min read

Skincare Tips for Men

As soon as some men are told about skin care their eyes glaze over and their minds immediately default to women buying over-priced moisturizers, serums, and cleansers with aspirations of looking more beautiful. Although it’s true that the skin care industry predominantly targets women, men should know that taking good care of their skin could only benefit their lives, as investing in a skincare routine will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time. In our family, our father was very passionate about skin care. He taught my siblings and I about the importance of having a regular skin care routine and treating your skin exceptionally well. While instructing us with the intention that we be as healthy as possible, he taught, additionally, that we mustn’t forget that everyone sees your skin! Here are a few of skincare tips that men can implement to shine brighter:


  • Shaving: Shaving every day can actually have some detrimental effects on the skin. We think we’re only removing the growing facial hair when shaving but the truth is we are also removing a thin layer of skin every time we shave, removing the dead skin cells resting on the face. I know you’re probably thinking, “isn’t that what exfoliation does?” Yes, that’s true, but exfoliation is never recommended as a daily practice by any dermatologist or skin care expert. Healthy exfoliation has been adopted as a weekly or bi-weekly process because removing that layer of dead skin cells every day could leave your skin exposed and susceptible to environmental damage. We recommend spacing your shaving time out to at least every two to three days if possible. Now, we understand that it’s not always an option to stop shaving daily due to professional requirements or even personal preference. Fine. If that’s the case, we highly recommend making the daily shaves as light and gentle as you possibly can by staying with the grain, and using a very sharp razor to minimize grinding on the skin.
  • What To Do After Shaving: Many men like to use a towel to rub their faces down once they finish shaving and then proceed to use after shave. It sounds like the correct steps to take after a nice shave, but we would suggest otherwise. Firstly, we recommend not to rub your face with a towel. This will only further irritate your skin and make it more dry. Instead, try simply patting down your skin lightly with the towel to avoid damage. Regarding aftershave, you should know that the reason the practice was introduced in the first place was because the only available shaving-tool option at the time was a straight razor, which is almost never used today because its use can lead to infection. Aftershave usually had an alcohol base that would help prevent infection. Today, as better and safer shaving tools are available, aftershave is not as useful as it once was. A good idea would be to simply use moisturizer after you finish shaving and washing your face.
  • Post-Exercise Steps: It’s important to wash your face with a gentle soap or a mild cleanser during your post-work out shower. Once you get out of the shower, we recommend that you immediately prioritize your skin. Get used to using moisturizer and serum, such as the ones sold on our website, while the skin is still moist for the best results. Our Natural Revitalizer utilizes powerful plant stem cells, antioxidants, ceramides, and peptides to target stressed skin for bright and hydrated skin all day. Our Peptide and Vitamin Serum will give your skin the boost it needs with it’s combination of a potent peptide blend with Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ-10, and Niacinimide to help restore the skin and keep it feeling fresh all day long!
  • Feel Good Inside: Guys and Gals alike should know that how you feel on the inside has a direct correlation to your appearance on the outside. Many men are opposed to taking the steps necessary to feel good on the inside by taking care of their emotional health due to certain societal stigmas. At Nature Only, we say those stigmas are bogus. Your emotional health and your overall state of being will help you glow from the inside out! Do things you’re passionate about daily, be vigilant about your joy and keep your vibe high! Do things that will help you feel your best, often. Mediate, dance, play a sport you love or invest time in a hobby that lights you up. Do what you have to do to feel great on the inside and this will surely be reflected on the outside for your loved ones to enjoy!

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